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May 27, 2023

     Hunter Biden has officially rebuffed the House Republicans. In a letter to the head of the House Oversight Committee, attorney Abbe Lowell said the panel “lacks a legitimate legislative purpose” in seeking documents from his client.  Hunter thinks he is above the law.

     “Rather than engage in back-and-forth letter writing campaigns or any formal proceedings, I would offer to sit with you and your staff, including the ranking member and his staff, to see whether Mr. Biden has information that may inform some legitimate legislative purpose and be helpful to the committee,” Mr. Lowell wrote in a letter to Rep. James Comer, Kentucky Republican.

     Last week, Mr. Lowell called for investigations into the leak of Mr. Biden’s discarded laptop computer, which has been the source of information that Republicans on the committee say proves the president was aware of, and potentially involved in, his son’s money-making ventures, despite his numerous denials.  In letters to the Justice Department and Delaware attorney general, Mr. Lowell asked for probes into Delaware computer repairman Mac Isaac and Trump insiders Rudolph W. Giuliani and Steve Bannon for “unauthorized access, copying and dissemination of [Hunter] Biden’s personal information.” 

     One lawyer familiar with the letters said Mr. Lowell could be aiming to stymie the ongoing congressional investigation into the younger Mr. Biden by tying up the laptop in an ongoing criminal investigation.  Mr. Comer’s demands of the president’s son marked a significant expansion of the Republican-led probe into Mr. Biden’s potential involvement in his son’s foreign business deals.  

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