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Robert Namer
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May 21, 2023

     Break-ins in Asheville, North Carolina, saw a 200% monthly surge in January amid a violent crime spike in the Democrat-run tourist town that has hemorrhaged police officers in recent years.  Dems are the cause of lawlessness.

     The Asheville Police Department, which serves a town of approximately 90,000 people, responded to 41 break-ins throughout 2022 and has already fielded 11 reports of break-ins in 2023 as of Feb. 1, according to local ABC affiliate WLOS.  Chris Faber, whose bar in downtown Asheville was targeted twice last month within a span of a few days, told the outlet that a suspect broke into his establishment and stole about 20 bottles of whiskey and up to $800 in cash.

Chuckie McKelvey, who also owns a bar in downtown Asheville, said a suspect broke into her business on Jan. 18 and made off with alcohol and a cash register filled with $7 worth of quarters.  "I feel like we’re all suffering the problem, but none of us really have a great solution," McKelvey told WLOS. "Of course, if more police presence were there, that would be a helpful deterrent. But I understand that that’s just not an option right now."  

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