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Robert Namer
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May 19, 2023

       “Congress is set to expose what may be the largest censorship system in U.S. history,” cheers Jonathan Turley at The Hill. This week, “a new House select subcommittee will hold its first hearing on the FBI and the possible ‘weaponization’ of government agencies.” “The ‘Twitter files’ revealed an FBI operation to monitor and censor social media content — an effort so overwhelming and intrusive that Twitter staff at one point complained internally that ‘they are probing and pushing everywhere.’” And not just the FBI: “Emails reveal FBI figures” asked Twitter execs to invite the CIA — “an agency under strict limits regarding domestic activities” — to a meeting. “For years, many politicians and pundits have dismissed free-speech concerns by noting that the First Amendment only applies to the government.” But “this is a First Amendment violation”: “censorship by surrogate.” “Just as a police officer cannot direct a security guard to break into an apartment and conduct a search, the FBI cannot use Twitter to censor Americans.”

     Biden has turned the country upside down and in and out.  

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