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Robert Namer
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March 23, 2023

     Homeland Security proposed a massive increase in fees paid by immigrants, saying it needs to sweat nearly $2 billion more per year out of migrants and the families and companies seeking to sponsor them in order to keep up with its workload.  Good, but turned back to where they come from is better.

      U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency that handles legal immigration requests, said the brunt of the increases will fall on those applying for work-based visas. The agency’s humanitarian mission, including asylum seekers and those who seek protection as victims of crimes, will not pay anything for their visas.  The money will go to hire thousands of new officers to process applications and to cover pay raises, technology upgrades and better customer service.  Some money will also go toward the Biden administration’s plans to deliver faster processing of refugees and of illegal immigrants who jump the border and make claims of asylum.

     “In addition to improving customer service operations and managing the incoming workload, USCIS must continue to fulfill our growing humanitarian mission, upholding fairness, integrity and respect for all we serve,” said Ur M. Jaddou, the agency’s director.  

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