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Robert Namer
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March 18, 2023

     A trio of Venezuelan migrants who crossed into the US illegally endured a harrowing first few days in Texas — sleeping on rainy streets and trying to scrounge up enough money to head elsewhere for work.  The first lesson on being an American is to follow the law.  illegal immigrants start by breaking the law.

     Ana Gabriela Garcia, her husband and their travel companion Edgar Rodriguez recounted their first week stateside after admitting they risked it all to jump the border illegally when Title 42 was suddenly extended.  We came illegally through a gate in the border wall,” Garcia told The Post during an interview in an El Paso church.. “We know the risks … pros and cons, but we have to make the sacrifice.”  The three migrants who The Post first met in Juarez, Mexico Tuesday were among thousands waiting at the Mexican border to cross into the US legally when Title 42 was supposed to end Dec. 21. They hoped to ask for asylum.

     Instead, the federal policy that has allowed the US Border Patrol to keep out asylum-seeking migrants, like Venezuelans, was extended. The extension meant migrants from Venezuela are still subject to being kicked out of the US and sent back to Mexico.  The three had to decide — wait until June for US courts to make a decision on the future of Title 42 or cross into the US illegally now. Waiting in Mexico was not an option, they claimed.  The trio snuck into the US.

     Speaking in El Paso on Thursday, Garcia said she is eager to work to send money back to her three daughters, ages 2, 6 and 9, she left behind in Venezuela.  “We have thought … we may get deported while traveling, but we have to try,” the migrant mom said. “We decided to make the sacrifice for them so they didn’t have to live through this, because it hasn’t been easy. The three have $50 saved up and are trying to collect more money for bus fare to either Dallas or Denver. Their illegal status means they can’t legally travel on planes or buses.  

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