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Robert Namer
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March 16, 2023

     Baker, one of dozens of ex-FBI agents and executives in Twitter’s ranks at the time, was fired for interfering in Musk’s effort to reveal the company’s past transgressions.  Twitter and the FBI did wrong to damage Trump's election chances thereby a fraud was committed.

     From that point, Taibbi writes that “regular meeting[s] of the multi-agency Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF)” — attended by Twitter and “virtually every major tech firm [including] Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon, Reddit, even Pinterest, and many others” — had “FBI personnel, and – nearly always – one or two attendees marked ‘OGA’.”  “Meeting agendas virtually always included, at or near the beginning, an ‘OGA briefing,’ usually about foreign matters,” Taibbi writes.

     Through the FITF, US intelligence tasked Twitter analysts with laborious investigations into domestic Twitter accounts alleged to have nefarious foreign connections, the documents reveal — ramping up as the 2020 presidential election approached, but continuing through 2022.  Twitter content monitors analyzed users’ IP data, phone numbers and even weighed whether user names were “Russian-sounding” to confirm the government’s accusations – but often failed to do so.

     Taibbi shows how a succession of intelligence reports in 2022 strove to shape news narratives relating to Ukraine and the Russian invasion.  One such report, which lists accounts allegedly tied to “Ukraine ‘neo-Nazi’ Propaganda,’” pushed Twitter to place sites pointing out Hunter Biden’s lucrative role on the board of Busima, the Ukrainian energy company, under a cloud of official suspicion.  

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