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Robert Namer
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January 16, 2023

     Two decades ago, the government established a federal holiday in honor of Martin Luther King.  Blacks are more likely than whites to commemorate Martin Luther King's birthday. They're also more inclined to harbor doubts about progress toward his dream of racial equality. Three-fourths of the people in this country say there has been significant progress toward equality, but only 66 percent of blacks felt that way.

     Participation in the holiday was enhanced by legislation passed in 1994 establishing the day as one of service.  According to the Bureau of National Affairs, all 50 states gradually recognized a King holiday. But only one-third of businesses offer a paid holiday.

    Most whites find the national holiday another undeserved entitlement. No other American has their own holiday.  Why should King?  One day for all the presidents of the United States, while Martin Luther King has a holiday for himself.  That is how far the politicians have gone to appease the black populous.  What next, Jesse Jackson Day.  If there was a vote of the people, the MLK holiday would be soundly defeated.  What happened to representation of the people.

     There are many people that should be credited for the civil rights movement.  Many of which are white.  It would be more appropriate, and acceptable, to have MLK day renamed Civil Rights Day.  Hopefully the time is near - it will come. 

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