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Robert Namer
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January 15, 2023

     Twitter owner Elon Musk began releasing a deluge of internal company documents showing what led the company to suppress posts sharing the Hunter Biden laptop story just weeks before the 2020 presidential election. This is only the beginning of much information disclosed. 

     After teasing his followers with a promise to disclose “what really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression,” Mr. Musk linked to a lengthy Twitter thread by independent journalist Matt Taibbi showing the behind-the-scenes deliberations.  It portrays company executives plotting their course in response to the New York Post story exposing the now widely authenticated laptop. The documents show Twitter executives often acted on requests from both political parties, but largely from Democrats.  The findings, Mr. Taibbi said early in the thread, point to a company run amok with outside groups “petitioning the company to manipulate speech.”

     “By 2020, requests from connected actors to delete tweets were routine,” Mr. Taibbi wrote. “One executive would write to another: ‘More to review from the Biden team.’ The reply would come back: ‘Handled.’” Those requests, he said, came from well-connected actors from both sides of the aisle. Mr. Taibbi said Twitter honored requests from the Trump White House as well as the Biden Campaign.  Lies!  

“However…  This system wasn’t balanced,” Mr. Taibbi wrote. “It was based on contacts. Because Twitter was and is overwhelmingly staffed by people of one political orientation, there were more channels, more ways to complain, open to the left (well, Democrats) than the right.” 

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