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Robert Namer
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November 25, 2022

      Saying he wants to re-establish the United States as "a trustworthy global leader" in the fight against global warming, President Joe Biden told an audience that the COP 27 climate change conference that the country is committed to taking steps within its borders and helping other countries reach their goals. Biden's speech was greeted with a standing ovation in Egypt as he promised that his administration is in the climate change fight for the long haul, citing recent legislation and its willingness to financially assist others.  The only leading will be with American taxpayer money.

     "We're going to win this fight," Biden said." We can no longer plead ignorance to the consequences of our actions or continue to repeat our mistakes. Everyone must continue to accelerate their efforts through this decisive decade."  The United States had been criticized by environmentalists for abandoning many of its climate initiatives under former President Donald Trump. Biden said the nation is working to stay on the path of doing its part to make lessening its carbon footprint.

"I came to the presidency determined to make the transformational changes that are needed -- that America needs to make," Biden said.

      The president admitted that the United States still has to overcome decades of opposition politically to the issue of climate change.  Biden said the richer nations need to help developing countries in financing climate change initiatives "so they can make decisive climate decisions," adding that such assistance is a part of global leadership and responsibility.  

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