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Robert Namer
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September 23, 2022

     Dan Cox, the Republican gubernatorial nominee in Maryland, says he is not getting bogged down in the news media’s obsession with abortion politics and is instead “focused like a laser” on quality-of-life issues that are top of mind to most voters.  The abortion issue must be explained honestly - Dems will continue to twist and lie.

     Billed as a major underdog in his race against Democrat Wes Moore, Mr. Cox said he is confident he can win because of his willingness to meet voters on their turf, listen to what they say and address their most pressing concerns: the economy, crime and education. “The issues moving forward are the moderate issues that we all hold dear,” Mr. Cox, a first-term state delegate from western Maryland, said in an interview with The Washington Times. “And those include safe streets, ending the crisis in our education system by including parents and empowering parents to have their voices heard, and to protect our children, and ensuring that our economy once again flourishes.”

     The message is a pivot from the Republican primary race, in which Mr. Cox emerged from relative obscurity after embracing former President Donald Trump and his claims that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election. Mr. Cox expanded his support by staking out conservative positions on abortion, guns and transgender athletes. 

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