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Robert Namer
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August 18, 2022

     Former President Donald Trump urged Republicans not to become complacent ahead of November’s midterm elections and warned that the U.S. stands at the precipice of becoming “Venezuela on steroids” should Democrats maintain control in Washington.  America is in for a battle for its future.

     Mr. Trump, who headlined the Conservative Political Action Conference in Texas, continues to wield significant clout in the GOP and backed several successful primary candidates as the party eyes a red wave in Congress in the fall. But he said now is not the time for the party to rest on its laurels.  “This is no time for complacency,” he said. “We have to seize this opportunity to deal with the radical left, socialist lunatics and fascists. And we have to hit them very, very hard. It has to be a crippling defeat.”

     “We have to run aggressive, unrelenting and boldly populist campaigns,” he said.   Republicans who have bucked the former president faced daunting odds in the primaries. But Democrats have hoped to leverage the same fervor that has given rise to their Republican opponents to their advantage in the fall betting that, when all is said and done, voters will back moderate Democrats over Republicans who remain in Trump’s pocket. 

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