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Robert Namer
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August 12, 2022

    House Democrats’ campaign arm unveiled a seven-figure ad buy targeting Hispanic voters by region, using local accents and dialects. The radio, digital, and print ads launched by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hit Republicans as being “MAGA extremists” and urge voters to “¡Cálmate!” or relax and support Democrats.  Hispanics may be smarter than Dems Thinks.

     “Democrats refuse to take Latino voters for granted and this latest investment will join the DCCC’s cycle-long commitment to court, build, and expand Democrats’ relationship and commitment to the Latino electorate,” said Mariafernanda Zacarias, DCCC senior advisor for Latino Engagement. Ms. Zacarias added that the ads come at a time when Republicans are working to “lie and try to deceive voters” in Hispanic communities.

     The radio ad begins with a woman complaining of back pain because of long working hours and a man telling her that she should vote for Democrats with solutions to rising prices.  “What you could do is vote for Democrats. These Republican extremists have no plan to help us,” the man said. The woman then responds by saying that Democrats seem out-of-touch, prompting her friend to point out that “MAGA Republicans are only working for rich people.”

     “Democrats know firsthand that even small price increases are hard on working families like ours. Democrats are finding solutions, unlike the Republicans. ¡Cálmate! What you could do is vote for Democrats,” the man said. The ads are Democrats’ latest attempt to engage with Hispanic voters, while Republicans expand their own outreach efforts. 

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