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Robert Namer
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August 02, 2022

     How stupid does the White House think Americans are? President Joe Biden wants to persuade the country that during the last two years of record crime increases, it is Democrats who have supported the police and “taken action to fight crime,” in the words of a White House official, while “Republicans have opposed these efforts at every turn.”  Biden is destroying national safety and security.

     Such was the argument that would have attended the release of the president’s Safer America Plan on Thursday, had the president’s COVID diagnosis did not cancel a Pennsylvania speech in which he was set to announce the $37 billion proposal. The White House was lucky in a way, since the premise of the announcement — that Biden and his fellow Democrats, not the GOP, represent the law-and-order party — would have been too ludicrous for even a reality-challenged executive branch to sustain.

Spooked by the never-ending crime surge that began with the George Floyd race riots, senior Democratic advisors are now trying furiously to demonstrate that Democrats place a high priority on public safety and thus should not be booted from office this November. Never mind that the fiery summer of 2020 and its long aftermath of rampant looting and shooting elicited a collective yawn from the Democratic elite, which saw in the anarchy an understandable response to alleged racial injustice.

Biden regularly denounced police racism as a presidential candidate and continued to impugn the police for biased and brutal law enforcement upon entering the White House. These charges are false: In 2021, a police officer was 400 times as likely to be killed by a black suspect as an unarmed black individual was to be killed by the police. Fatal police shootings make up a much smaller percentage of black homicide deaths than they do white and Hispanic homicide deaths.

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