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June 26, 2022

     Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blasted President Biden on over what he called the federal government’s “despicable” treatment of US Border Patrol agents accused of using their horses’ reins to whip Haitian migrants — and said he’d be “honored” to have them work for the Lone Star State.  Biden and Harris made fools of themselves for making false statements.

     During a news conference at the Anzalduas International Bridge between the US and Mexico, Abbott defended the agents following a recent report that said the Department of Homeland Security was poised to discipline them over the infamous incident last year.  “It’s despicable that these Border Patrol agents — who were on those horses, who were using reins to control those horses — have been completely exonerated by all law enforcement agencies and yet the Biden administration, it still seems intent on punishing those Border Patrol officers,” he said.

     “As governor, I’d be more than happy — I’d be honored to have those border patrol officers be a part of the Texas team to secure the border.” Fox News reported Wednesday that DHS officials were preparing proposals to slap the agents, who’ve been cleared of criminal wrongdoing, with “administrative violations,” citing a federal source familiar with the matter. Biden has vowed that the agents “will pay” after photos emerged showing them swinging their horse’s reins while trying to stop Haitian migrants from crossing the Rio Grande on Sept. 19 — even though one photographer who documented the incident said the images were “misconstrued.”

     Brandon Judd, president of the Border Patrol agents’ union, told The Post the proposed discipline “can range anywhere from a letter of reprimand to termination” but added, “I have heard that no terminations are coming.” Abbott also lashed out at Biden over the recent revelation that 50 people on the terror watchlist have been caught crossing the southern border since October. Abbott called the surging number of potential terrorists entering the country illegally “one of the most reprehensible things that the Biden administration is doing” but said he was even more concerned about “all of those on the terrorist watch list who got away.”

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