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Robert Namer
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June 24, 2022

     The Justice Department said it urgently needs witness transcripts from the House Jan. 6 committee to move forward with criminal investigations.  

     Lawyers for the department wrote in a letter to the committee’s top lawyer that the lack of access to the transcripts is infringing on their work to move forward with their criminal investigations. “The select committee’s failure to grant the department access to these transcripts complicates the department ‘s ability to investigate and prosecute those who engaged in criminal conduct in relation to the January 6 attack on the Capitol,” said the letter that was sent.  Members of the committee, which is made up of seven Democrats and two anti-Trump Republicans, have been split on whether to make a criminal referral to the Justice Department against former President Donald Trump. Committee members have said the Justice Department is closing watching the committee’s hearings and could pursue criminal charges on its own.

     The letter from the Justice Department did not specify if the transcripts sought would impact potential charges against Mr. Trump or the hundreds of rioters facing charges. Dems had two impeachment trials and lost, it would be foolish to try to bring him down in an obvious political trial, after the verbal attacks Dem. Senator Schumer made against Supreme Court Justices. 

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