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Robert Namer
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May 27, 2022

      The Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday it was pausing its short-lived Disinformation Governance Board pending a review of the larger strategy behind it. The person tapped to lead the group, former Wilson Center fellow Nina Jankowicz, said she had resigned as a result.  The board was unconstitutional.

     Both Jankowicz and a DHS spokesperson said the group had itself become a target of disinformation since its creation was announced in late April. A DHS official went further on Wednesday, saying Jankowicz was "the subject of some particularly vicious and unfair attacks."

     As the official suggested, Jankowicz became the face of conservative-fueled criticism, some of it in personal terms. Others voiced concerns about her background: Jankowicz, who is routinely outspoken on Twitter, had publicly criticized Republicans and sowed doubt about the accuracy of press reports critical of President Joe Biden's son Hunter. More broadly, the disinformation board found detractors in the GOP and some leading civil liberties groups over the scope of its work. That scrutiny was fueled by an admittedly clumsy rollout -- such as a confusing name -- as well as an initial lack of specifics about the board's operations.

     In an interview with ABC News last week, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the board wasn't rolled out "effectively," but that its work was "exactly contrary" to how it was being portrayed.   The board and the person chosen to run it were idiotic.

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