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Robert Namer
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May 25, 2022

     Billing records introduced in the trial of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann underscored the presidential campaign’s connections to the promotion of a now-debunked tale linking former President Donald Trump to Russia’s Alfa Bank. Most intelligent and astute knew that it was Clinton and Dem media lies.

     Jurors saw billing records from 2016 that showed Mr. Sussmann, while an attorney in private practice, repeatedly billed the campaign for meetings and legal work. The records showed Mr. Sussmann billing the Clinton campaign for “a confidential project,” which included Marc Elias, the top lawyer for the campaign. A handful of those discussions included tech executive Rodney Joffe, who compiled the data to support the Alfa Bank allegations. One of those meetings occurred two days before Mr. Sussmann turned over purported evidence of electronic communications between Mr. Trump and Alfa BankThe proceeding in the federal courtroom in Washington is the first trial stemming from special counsel John Durham’s probe of the origins of the FBI’s investigation of Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 presidential election.
     Mr. Sussman is charged with lying to the FBI when he told bureau lawyer James Baker that he was not representing “any client or company,” when he turned over the evidence. Prosecutors say Mr. Sussmann was meeting with the FBI on behalf of the Clinton campaign in a bid to gin up an October surprise.

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