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Robert Namer
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May 21, 2022

     I’m just so concerned about America. It’s not only New York. I don’t know what has happened to us as a country. And it just bothers me so much that we appear to no longer believe in what this country represents. Adams leadership is what is hurting New York and the country. 

     We normalize going into stores across America and just walk in and take what you want — as if it’s just all right. And what we’re doing to police in this city and across America, we should be embarrassed.  How do you take 2,500 guns off the streets and the people who had the guns are back out the next day? All New Yorkers should be raising our voices. We are too silent — far too silent. The number of guns we are recovering is astounding. So is the number of shooters that are being freed every day; every day they’re going back to do crime again. Every day.

      And then people say, “Eric says that people should not live on the street.” They should not be living in tents with human waste and drug needles and paraphernalia. And I’m the demon here for saying it is not dignified for New Yorkers to live on the street, and the advocates say I’m wrong to try to help take people off the street and put them in decent housing. And all the columnists that say, “Eric is wrong.” Where’s everyone else saying “Eric is right”?  Those of you who told me when I was running for office, “We want to deal with the homeless crisis”: Well, I need you now. I need you now.  Everyone who told me they want guns off the streets and for NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell to put in place the anti-gun unit to go out there to take those guns off the street, we need you now.

    Those of you who stated you’re tired of the dysfunctionality of education, with 65% of black and brown children never reaching proficiency — we are fighting in Albany right now to keep mayoral control. Two Boston Red Sox fans had it. So why can’t Met fans have it? We need you now. We need you now.

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