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Robert Namer
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January 06, 2022

     One year ago, this day there were images and video from the Capitol show a trail of vandalism and destruction after the building was stormed by an angry mob of President Trump supporters on Wednesday. One photo shows a shattered mirror inside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office — the apparent result of vandals who broke into her suite of offices. Beneath the broken mirror is a picture of the Bush family. Outside Pelosi’s offices, a few demonstrators can be seen proudly wielding a piece of the lawmaker’s damaged nameplate, according to a photo posted to social media. A rioter was seen carrying a podium out of the Capitol Rotunda before police cleared the building. Countless windows throughout the Capitol building were smashed by a furious mob that forced lawmakers voting to certify the presidential election into lockdown, according to photos from the scene.

     The left and Dems falsely and shamelessly call it an insurrection. It was a sad day for sure, but Dems share in the blame and false mischaracterization of what really happened.

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