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Robert Namer
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December 08, 2021

     It should be a rule-of-thumb that the Olympics games shouldn’t be held in countries that operate concentration camps.  China should not be awarded a world stage after it let COVID loose on the world.

     If this strikes you as an unreasonable demand, you aren’t suited to serve on the International Olympic Committee. The IOC has doggedly defended Beijing as the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics even as the Chinese Communist Party pursues its campaign of unrelenting barbarity against the Uighurs.

    The Biden administration just announced a so-called diplomatic boycott of the games, a gesture of disapproval that won’t dent the propaganda coup the IOC is handing the most dangerous regime in the world. The IOC is the World Health Organization of sports organizations. When China disappeared Peng Shuai, the female tennis star, for the offense of making an accusation of sexual assault against a former high government official, the IOC happily assisted in the regime’s crisis PR, lest the shocking incident derail the games.

The president of the IOC, , had a video call with Peng where she said all was well and Bach pretended to take her assurances at face value. Of course, Peng wasn’t free to speak her mind, but part of Bach’s job now is to look the other way at China’s blatant abuses. China has the great good fortune to deal with international organizations — except the Women’s Tennis Association, which is suspending tournaments in China — that lack all self-respect.

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