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Robert Namer
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December 06, 2021

     We hope we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed, but the world has become a more dangerous place since Joe Biden became president. Why? Perhaps because hostile actors sense weakness — and opportunity.  The US has lost credibility, honor, loyalty, respect and much more under Biden's leadership.

     Russia poses the most immediate threat: It has mobilized nearly 100,000 troops at the Ukrainian-Russian border and appears poised to invade Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claimed NATO’s “military infrastructure is being irresponsibly brought closer to Russia’s border,” and new weapons in Europe might trigger a “nightmare scenario of a military confrontation.”

     Secretary of State Antony Blinken charged that Moscow’s plans “include efforts to destabilize” the country “from within, as well as large-scale military operations.” Such an attack could have ramifications well beyond that region. Blinken did warn Lavrov of the “severe costs” his country would pay for an invasion. Let’s hope that’s not too little, too late.

     China, meanwhile, has stepped up its harassment of Taiwan, repeatedly sending military aircraft into its airspace and hinting that it might soon look to reclaim the island territory by force. It just tested a hypersonic missile that surprised even the Pentagon. And it’s sending satellites into space at twice the rate of the United States. Both Russia and China find Biden weak and may test it to be true.

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