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November 29, 2021

     An Indiana school administrator who went viral for explaining how critical race theory is covertly taught in schools — like “social snake oil schemes” — says he’s now been placed on leave, had his email access cut and is banned from entering school buildings.  CRT must be prohibited in all schools.

     Tony Kinnett, who works as a science coordinator for the Indianapolis Public Schools, posted a video on Twitter earlier this month accusing the school system of lying about CRT being taught in its schools. In the clip, which has now been viewed more than 500,000 times, he claims school administrators use “misdirection” to throw off concerned parents. Kinnett told The Post Thursday that he has been on leave with pay since he posted the video on Nov. 4.

      He said HR had warned him twice since then that he would have to “part ways” with the district if he continued to act as a “whistleblower,” and that staff have “clinical anxiety” working with him in the wake of his criticism.  Since the viral exposé, Kinnett has continued to criticize the district on Twitter and release “inside look” information because he claims the school district isn’t being “transparent.” The administrator also said his access to his work email, Google Drive and calendars were cut off without warning on Wednesday — and he’s been banned from entering any school district buildings. Total madness.


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