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Robert Namer
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November 28, 2021

     Millions of citizens long ago concluded that professional sports, academia and entertainment were no longer disinterested institutions but far left and deliberately hostile to Middle America. Yet American conservatives still adamantly supported the nation’s traditional investigatory, intelligence and military agencies — especially when they came under budgetary or cultural attacks. Not so much anymore.  For the first time in memory, conservatives now connect the FBI hierarchy with bureaucratic bloat, political bias and even illegality.
     The colossal FBI-driven “Russian collusion” hoax was marked by the leaking of confidential FBI memos, forged documents, improper surveillance and serial disinformation. Prior heads of the CIA and FBI, as well as the director of national intelligence, have at times either not told the truth under oath or claimed amnesia, without legal repercussions.  Mention the military to conservative Americans these days, and they unfortunately associate its leadership with the disastrous flight from Afghanistan. Few, if any, high-ranking officers have yet taken responsibility — much less resigned — for the worst military fiasco of the last half-century.

     There are no doubts and a lack of confidence.

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