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Robert Namer
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November 20, 2021

     Not guilty on all counts: That verdict comes as no surprise to anyone who’d paid close attention to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial but may shock those who relied on horrifically biased media accounts.

Nearly all the early media tropes proved false: He didn’t bring the gun across state lines; he had major roots in Kenosha including his day job and much of his family. He wasn’t a militia-wannabe but an aspiring cop/firefighter/EMT. Absolutely nothing suggests he was a “white supremacist,” as no less than Joe Biden claimed right before last year’s election.  Biden and the liberal media should be sued for their careless wrong accusations and statements. 

     And the men he shot were all attacking him when he pulled the trigger; all were white, and at least two had histories of violence.  None of this makes him a “patriot,” as ideologues on the other side insist. But the evidence for self-defense was rock-solid.  Some refuse to admit that. Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D.) released a bizarre statement that “no verdict will be able to bring back the lives” of the two men Rittenhouse killed, nor “heal the wounds” of the Jacob Blake shooting that triggered the riots nor remove the state’s need to work toward “equity.” Translation: I’m on your side, rioters: Please don’t riot again.

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