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Robert Namer
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November 18, 2021

     Biden doesn't care about wasting taxpayer money.  Americans may be grappling with how to put food on the table amid a sharp rise in the cost of everyday goods — but you’d never know it from the tab President Biden has racked up on their dime.  Biden’s regular weekend and a few midweek trips home to Delaware have cost nearly $3 million in security alone, Secret Service expense records shared with The Post show. Biden’s security detail spent $1.96 million on 16 trips to his Delaware homes this year, the records indicate. Another nine trips aren’t yet counted and likely push the total to $3 million.

     Those 25 trips have been racked up in just 43 weeks in office. And the true price tag to taxpayers is higher because the Pentagon hasn’t released costs for Air Force One and Marine One helicopter trips. “Most Americans know that Biden is being hidden because he isn’t fit for office,” a former Trump White House official taunted. “What they may not realize is that they’re paying insane amounts of money for him to be tucked into bed in Delaware every weekend.”

     The documented expenses mostly cover hotels and rental cars for Secret Service agents, as well as airfare and train tickets for them to reach Delaware. “The costs of presidential travel and security is of obvious public interest,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, which acquired the records under the Freedom of Information Act. Fitton noted that the records are incomplete and said “it is frustrating that after years of litigation through two presidential administrations, the Secret Service and Air Force are still stonewalling the costs of presidential travel.”

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