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Robert Namer
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October 08, 2021

     White House reporter April Ryan on Wednesday asked press secretary Jen Psaki about a pundit’s claim that Vice President Kamala Harris’ policy portfolio “is trash” because President Biden isn’t doing enough to support her. Harris is an idiotRyan, a veteran correspondent who reports for The Grio, cited CNN pundit Bakari Sellers during an exchange on voting rights legislation, one of many tasks Harris was put in charge of by Biden. Harris’ other roles include reducing illegal immigration and promoting union membership.

     “The argument is that the president is not supporting her with the tools that she needs [because he does not supporting ending] the filibuster for voting rights and that’s in her portfolio. You have one of her friends and a Democrat strategist, Bakari Sellers, who says her portfolio is trash because he’s not supporting her in the way she needs to be supported for this to pass,” Ryan told Psaki at her daily press briefing. Psaki defended Biden’s commitment to stalled election reform legislation and to supporting Harris in promoting it.

     “The president has conveyed many times that getting voting rights done, signing into law, is top of his agenda,” Psaki said. “The vice president, one of the most powerful people in the world, is leading this effort. [Biden] is her — she is his partner. She’s the first in the room, the last in the room. And he’s going to continue to work by her side to get it done.”

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