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Robert Namer
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September 22, 2021

     Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is indisputably good at one part of his job: always referring to the migrant surge at the border as a “challenge,” never a “crisis.”  He visited Del Rio, Texas, recently and refused to use the offending word about more than 10,000 Haitian migrants huddled under a bridge, living among trash with insufficient food and water in sweltering heat. A mere “challenge.” If euphemism and spin constituted competent, Team Biden wouldn’t be coping with a historic surge of illegal crossings at the border that reached another level with the nearly instantaneous creation of an enormous migrant camp in an isolated Texas town.

     The Haitian migrants had been crossing for weeks, before the flow exploded over a matter of days. The camp grew from 4,000 the middle of last week to more than 16,000 by the weekend. The images of desperate Haitians wading across the Rio Grande by the hundreds and thousands without anyone even attempting to stop them will likely become an indelible symbol of Biden’s border policy. Administration officials constantly say that the border is closed, but in important respects it is open. They blame misinformation spreading among migrants, and it’s true that unfounded rumors abound, but the basic perception that our enforcement has major, easily exploited holes is correct.

     They blame circumstances, but it’s not as though terrible conditions — poverty and rank misgovernment — are new in countries to our south.  No, the new factor in the equation is President Biden and his determination to blow up Trump policies that had gotten control of the border. Border apprehensions remained at a 20-year high in August. They only dipped slightly from July and otherwise have been on an upward trajectory all year. The fiasco is clear for all the see.

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