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Robert Namer
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September 20, 2021

      U.S. government is increasing deportation flights to Haiti in response to the rapid arrival of thousands of Haitian migrants in a small Texas community along the border with Mexico, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Saturday.

     Thousands of migrants, many of them from Haiti, have crossed the southern border in recent days near Del Rio, Texas, prompting U.S. immigration agents to set up a makeshift processing site underneath an international bridge to accommodate the new arrivals.  As of Friday, there were more than 12,000 migrants and asylum-seekers at the massive site, according to Del Rio's mayor, Bruno Lozano, who has implored the federal government to help his small city address an "unsustainable" situation. 

    Under President Biden, U.S. border officials have continued to cite a public health law, known colloquially as Title 42, to rapidly expel Mexican and Central American migrant adults and some families with children to Mexico. Roughly 87% of the more than 29,000 Haitians who entered U.S. border custody in the past 11 months have been processed under immigration laws and allowed to seek asylum, mainly because Mexico is not accepting their return under the Title 42 policy.

Few consider Biden competent to solve the ever increasing problem and most find him weak.
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