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Robert Namer
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July 30, 2021

     Biden has been silent about Cuba, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea - showing weakness. The State Department on Wednesday condemned the use of violence to crush ongoing protests in Iran, breaking the Biden administration’s silence over a widening uprising against the Tehran government that has been unfolding this week in several cities across the country. The Iranian people have a right to voice their frustrations and hold their government accountable, but we have seen disturbing reports that security forces fired on protesters, resulting in multiple deaths,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement. “We condemn the use of violence against peaceful protestors.”

     The statement came after multiple news reports that security forces had fired on protesters engaged in a demonstration last week over severe water shortages in southwest Khuzestan province. Human Rights Watch issued a statement on July 22 noting reports of three protesters being killed and asserting that “Iranian authorities appear to have used excessive force against demonstrators in southwestern Iran protesting lack of access to water.” Iranian authorities have sharply denied the reports, but an umbrella group of Iranian exile dissident groups charged the protests are more extensive and violent than the regime has admitted.

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