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Robert Namer
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July 22, 2021

     More madness from Biden and Dems.  official budget proposal is proof that the lunatic woke fringe has made its way into the White House: In a section on plans to reduce maternal mortality rates, the document replaces the word “mother” with the absurd “birthing people,” which is supposed to be more trans-sensitive. Questioned on the word choice, Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director Shalanda Young doubled down: “We think our language needs to be more inclusive,” she insisted. Elsewhere, the budget uses the M-word, saying for example that paid leave will “keep mothers in the workforce.” Heck, even the “birthing people” passages still use “maternal,” which literally means “of a mother.”

     Of course, Biden himself has insisted on using the woke term “Latinx,” which most Latinos have never heard of and rings hopelessly off. Sorry, Mr. President: You’re not going to unite the nation by insisting on a version of 1984’s Newspeak.  The use of the words father and mother is important to all, especially children.

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