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Robert Namer
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June 18, 2021

     Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott formally announced the first step in his plan to build a wall along the state’s border with Mexico Wednesday, setting aside $250 million as a “down payment” to hire a project manager and contractors. Abbott announced plans for the wall project last week, in an echo of former President Donald Trump’s infamous vow during the 2016 presidential campaign that Mexico would pay for a wall along the entire southwestern border between the two countries.

     By contrast, the proposed Texas wall will be funded in part by donations, with Abbott announcing the creation of a website for people to send money to support the project. The governor also said that in addition to using state land to construct the barrier, he would also rely on private landowners and local governments to “volunteer” territory for the wall.

     On June 1, Abbott declared a disaster in 34 counties on or near the border with Mexico, claiming that authorities were being overrun by “dangerous gangs and cartels [and] human traffickers.” The governor echoed those remarks Wednesday, claiming the Biden administration had “abandoned its responsibilities to secure the border and Texans are suffering as a result.”

     All Americans should donate to the Wall Fund.  Our country's security is at stake.

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