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Robert Namer
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June 09, 2021

      What’s the deal with President Joe Biden and Iran? There is money in it for Biden and his clan. This part-time president is a full-time appeaser of Tehran — and he is determined to give the terrorist regime the keys to a nuclear-armed empire.

No other regime has connived at the deaths of so many American service members, as Iran did when it trained Iraqi militias and supplied them with improvised explosive devices — and as Iran still does, by supplying the increasingly accurate drones and missiles that have struck US bases in Iraq in the last six months. But Team Biden sees no evil.

     No other regime has committed so many acts of terrorism across the globe, from Argentina to Thailand, or plotted to murder foreign diplomats on US soil, as Iranian agents did in 2011. But Team Biden hears no evil.

     No other regime is as committed to destabilizing American allies and interests across the Middle East and Africa, and no other regime is dedicated to the destruction of a close US ally, Israel, the world’s sole Jewish state. But Team Biden speaks no evil about the Iranian regime.

     The three wise monkeys behind this strategic lunacy are Antony Blinken, Robert Malley and Jake Sullivan. They are Obama-ians: the reckless ideologues who contrived the Iranian nuclear deal in 2015. Washington and Tehran had been at odds for more than 40 years. What better way of breaking the standoff than setting a terrorist regime on the glide-path to a nuclear weapon — and delivering pallets of cash to its coffers?

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