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Robert Namer
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June 05, 2021

     The liberal media look bad.  With shootings, murders and violence on the subway soaring, NYC mayoral wannabe Maya Wiley somehow thinks it’s time to “confront” the cops. And Scott Stringer might believe stop-and-frisk was overused, but he has zero evidence any “innocent kids went to prison” back then or at any other time. CNN’s Chris Cillizza delighted in mocking President Donald Trump last year for trying to “shape reality to fit his predetermined conclusion.” Except now, Cillizza’s own network admits the idea that the coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan, China, has “credibility.”

     AOC notes she’s in therapy, and it’s clear why: The Jan. 6 riot was nothing like a “war” or even an “all-out attempted coup,” as she also calls it. Unlike in  war, for starters, not a single person died from any attack by the Jan. 6 rioters. Making such a comparison just before Memorial Day — when the nation honors those who gave their lives in real wars — is a sure sign she needs help.

     What an ugly smear. The Gray Lady’s goal was to blame Israel as much as, if not more than, Hamas for the deaths of “mostly” Palestinian kids. Yet its coverage contained spectacular errors, such as a photo of a Palestinian child who wasn’t actually killed in the recent conflict. The paper later ’fessed to some of the fake facts, but its failure to hold Hamas responsible — even though it started the conflict and fired 4,000 rockets into Israel — is appalling, even for the anti-Israel Times.

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