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Robert Namer
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May 13, 2021

     State Senate Republicans slammed their Democratic counterparts for creating a “dangerous” environment for New Yorkers by kowtowing to the “Defund the Police” movement with cuts to law enforcement budgets and so-called progressive policies like bail reform, unveiling a package Tuesday of pro-cop bills. “Just recently, you saw a 4 year old was shot in the middle of the day in Times Square … I had never thought that I was in any sort of danger walking around Times Square. Seemed like every corner of every intersection, there was one or two cops,” said Republican Minority Leader state Sen. Rob Ortt (R-Lockport) during an Albany press conference. Only fools are demanding the defunding of police.

     “The last several times I’ve been down there, I have not seen that same level of police presence.” He said the week’s Times Square shooting is not surprising, given the reported spike in City crime — particularly shootings — and can be directly traced back to policies passed by the Democratic-led Legislature since they took control in 2018, and need to be scaled back. Albany Democrats have approved a series of laws including bail and discovery overhauls, as well as long-stalled police accountability legislation following last summer’s massive protests that swept the nation after the death of George Floyd.  Floyd’s death promoted national fervor in the ‘Defund the Police’ movement, and in New York, a billion dollars was cut from the NYPD department budget. 

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