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Robert Namer
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May 01, 2021

     The Biden administration is just passing its 100-day mark, and still: no nomination for U.S. ambassador to Israel. Is this President Biden’s way of signaling to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that it’s a new day in U.S.-Israel relations? A way to underscore that even though Israel does not like it, the new U.S. government is pressing ahead with negotiations to return to the Iran nuclear accord? Biden is anti Israel and pro Arab.

     Former President Trump announced his nomination for ambassador to Israel before nightfall of his Inauguration Day. David Friedman, a Trump bankruptcy lawyer with no experience in diplomacy but plenty in activism, was the forewarning that U.S. policy in the Middle East was being turned on its head and becoming unabashedly biased in favor of Israel. Several other presidents simply left sitting ambassadors — less staunchly political partisans — to finish out their terms before appointing envoys of their own.

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