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Robert Namer
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April 06, 2021

     Hunter Biden, son of President Biden, will appear Sunday and Monday in interviews taped for CBS News. In the sit-downs, he will discuss his struggles with addiction, his relationship with his late brother’s widow, that notorious laptop and more, the network said Friday. He sheds light on an intervention his family conducted ahead of the 2020 presidential election, aimed at getting him to kick addictions to alcohol and crack cocaine, which are revealed in his new book, “Beautiful Things.”

     The story about the laptop, which allegedly contained emails detailing Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China and possible involvement with his family members, was notable in part because Facebook and Twitter cracked down on its dissemination in advance of the 2020 presidential election. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said at a March 25 congressional hearing that barring users from sharing the story was a “total mistake.”

     Hunter has shown that he is a big lying fool.  He should be in jail for selling information and contributing to bribery. 

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