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April 04, 2021

     Rolling Stone is punching back after a blog post claimed that the magazine “sold out” to President Trump and the Saudis under its owner Jay Penske led to calls for a boycott. Liberals want the people to think and act their way. The story, by “The Hill Reporter dubbed “The Demise of Rolling Stone: How A Legendary Magazine Sold Out to Trump and the Saudis,” ignited calls across the Twitterverse to #BoycottRollingStone on Friday in part by resurfacing old information about magazine’s parent company’s ties to the Saudis.

     The story also blasted the Penske Media CEO for his ties to Trump, although it appeared to conflate the media mogul with his auto-racing magnate dad, Roger Penske. “Jay is a high-profile GOP donor who fired tenured and experienced journalists, then hired hacks to write tabloid level pieces that leaned so far to the right, he was awarded a Presidential Medal from the former guy himself,” the post said.

     In fact, it was the elder Penske who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2019. The younger Penske, by contrast, helped throw a 2016 election viewing party with high-profile supporters of Hillary Clinton, according to WWD.

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