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Robert Namer
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February 18, 2021

For more than 30 years, Rush Limbaugh sat down and talked to Americans about America. Across the country, in pickup trucks, roadside diners and quiet cubicles where his listeners were obliged to wear headphones lest they offend, his rich baritone rolled out of the air, and it spoke the truth. Rush Limbaugh changed the course of American history. Without him, the conservative movement and the country would be fundamentally different today. For this, the left cursed him, and some on the right as well. But in the end, he beat them back time and again.

     As a storyteller, Limbaugh was incomparable, gifted with a cadence and an awareness of story beats which gave him an incredible ability to weave narratives together. He could take a small local anecdote from the back of a newspaper and tell you how it connected to the stories of national import you saw on the front page. His impact on the world of media is immeasurable. There is no conservative mass media without Rush Limbaugh, and there’s likely no Joe Rogan either. Before his rise indicated the appetite of people across the country for his message, conservative media was almost entirely written for the intellectuals and the policymakers, not the working man.

     Rush was different. He was irreverent, he was compelling, and above all, he had fun doing what he did. Bill Buckley was smart, but no one’s dad played him on the radio while they were putting up houses, making pizzas or cleaning the shop. They played Rush.  Rush will be missed and a void that will be hard to be filled.  He will be always loved and remembered.

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