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Robert Namer
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February 13, 2021

     Dallas Mavericks owner and reputed presidential aspirant Mark ­Cuban’s initial decision to stop playing the national anthem at home games, argues Cheryl Chumley at The Washington Times, proves “he’s not the right man” to be leader of the free world. “Any American who can’t support the playing of the national ­anthem is an American who can’t properly represent the nation in the White House.” The anthem, after all, is “unifying”; it embodies the notion that “America is a country filled with citizens from all walks of life, from all regions of the earth, from lands with all ethnicities and backgrounds and ­beliefs. . . . It’s not for an elitist basketball-team owner to say otherwise.” Cuban has shown his anti America views cost him credibility. 

     At The Wall Street Journal, James Freeman observes “an odd pattern of dissonance between the economic data the government reports and the president’s characterization of the economy”: first, “encouraging updates from federal agencies,” then “gloomy proclamations from the Oval Office intended to justify massive federal action.” Indeed, December’s job openings, 6.6 million, makes for “the greatest ‘inheritance’ any US president has ever passed on to his successor,” far more than what Presidents ­Donald Trump and Barack Obama received. President Biden also “decries the problems resulting from lockdowns without acknowledging they are being imposed by governors who enjoy his active support.” He insists massive federal spending is needed, though “every day brings signs of a reviving economy that is ready to roar if only his allies in politics and teachers’ unions will let it.”

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