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Robert Namer
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November 24, 2020

      Cuomo is an idiot. Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday threw cold water on the notion that a COVID-19 vaccine will be the savior of New York or any other state in the immediate future. “People say, ‘Don’t worry, there’s a vaccine,'” Cuomo said at a press briefing. “I will wager you dollars for doughnuts, it’s six months at a minimum before you hit critical mass with a vaccine. “The vaccine is starting to come December, January, depending on who you believe,’’ Cuomo said. “It will be for, first, high-need populations, nursing homes, etc. 

     “But critical mass … I bet it will be at least six months.” Cuomo noted that it took New York eight months to administer 12 million COVID-19 tests while “moving Heaven and Earth’’ — and “we have to do 20 million vaccinations.’’ He said this is still the time when community behavior can be a region’s best weapon against the pandemic.


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