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Robert Namer
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November 16, 2020

      Will Joe Biden throw President Trump’s Middle East achievements in the dirt, betraying a host of US allies to fecklessly chase after the goodwill of the Iranian regime? If not, he needs to choose carefully as he names his Cabinet and White House staff. For starters, many retreads from Team Obama will want to bribe Tehran back into that dangerous nuclear deal — a slap in the face to Israel and most Arab states.

     They’ll also push for a return to anti-Israel policies such as funding the Palestinian Authority even as it pays off terrorists and their families, and to allowing anti-Israel UN resolutions to pass. Then-Secretary of State John Kerry insisted there could be no “peace with the Arab world without the Palestinian process and Palestinian peace.” Trump has proved that’s just not so — he let the Palestinians stew, yet fostered Israeli peace deals with three Arab states (and counting).

     Trump’s Abraham Accords showed that Palestinians don’t have the support they thought. If Biden sticks with Trump’s policies, they may finally start thinking realistically about what they can get in theirh won deal with Israel.

     Biden will destroy the US if he becomes President.  A major turmoil is happening and the future looks dim for the country.
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