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Robert Namer
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July 26, 2020

     Just being around upsets some Dem officials and the liberal media. As violence plagues US cities, President Trump has to decide “what is possible, what is imperative” and what is prudent, Andrew C. McCarthy reasons at The Hill. The feds, after all, can only respond to offenses that violate a “federal criminal law,” such as attacks on federal courthouses, or that “implicate important federal duties.”

     Yet if big-city Democratic mayors put “defeating the president in November over working cooperatively with the federal government to suppress rising crime,” the “modest number of federal agents” won’t be able to wage “a long-term, intensive campaign against violent street crime.” So Trump should “deploy federal agencies” to “protect federal property and officers” first, and after that, the decision to address the crime surge lies with the mayors.

     Team Trump is rolling back an Obama-era Housing and Urban Development rule “that pressured suburbs to permit” low-income housing, observes Howard Husock at City Journal, though a Joe Biden victory would likely see the rule restored. Yet HUD had “wandered into fraught local terrain.” Liberals “aren’t wrong that large-lot suburban zoning is ‘exclusionary,’ and conservatives aren’t wrong that subsidized housing has failed.” What’s needed is for local zoning boards to permit new development and the adaptation of existing housing, “both for young adults who grew up in expensive towns and for local teachers, firefighters and police officers.” Doing so would create “racial and socioeconomic diversity.” What’s not needed “is heavy-handedness from Washington.”

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