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July 12, 2020

     Sad!.  North Korean soldiers are feeling hare-ied by a recent request by military authorities to start breeding more rabbits — 15 of them to be exact, according to a new report. The directive from the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces came down June 7 ordering soldiers and their families to raise more bunnies to eat, including some that are at least 7.7 pounds, Daily NK reported. The military’s politiburo, the General Political Bureau, is billing the new order as a way to boost the country’s meat supply in an inexpensive way — as part of Kim Jong Un’s order to raise more grass-eating animals.

     An “evaluation” of the soldiers’ breeding efforts will be made before the end of August. The request is believed to add more stress to soldiers, who began summer military drills on July 1, the publication said. They’ll have to find bigger cages and more food for their burgeoning nest, on top of preparing for the drills.

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