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Robert Namer
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July 08, 2020

      NYC is losing by going against its finest - Cops.  Former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton slammed city and state leaders Monday for abandoning cops and helping create a “crime virus” to go along with the coronavirus in claiming innocent victims. “The city is a mess and it’s going to get a lot worse unfortunately,” Bratton said during a WABC-77 radio interview. Bratton surmised that the morale of New York’s Finest is at an all-time low after “getting attacked from all sides” and “being defunded and demeaned.”

     Even more troubling, he said, citizens who would normally cooperate with police to ferret out crime are not doing so because they “feel intimidated” by their neighbors who are protesting police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of cops in Minneapolis. "It’s a second storm,” Bratton said. “There’s the coronavirus that’s taking a lot of lives on the one hand and now the crime virus that will take a lot of lives on the other.” Asked if he was disappointed with his former boss, Mayor Bill de Blasio agreeing to policies that will make it harder for the NYPD to tackle crime, including steep budget cuts, Bratton did not hold back.

     “I’m disappointed with the whole political establishment here in the state, in Albany and in the city. They have effectively, collectively and individually, turned their back in many respects on the entity that’s most responsible for the crime reduction in this city, state and indeed the country — the police,” Bratton said. While he did not criticize de Blasio by name, Bratton did not spare the City Council for pushing an agenda that he said catered to “the far left” and likened the legislative body to a “mob.”

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