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Robert Namer
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June 21, 2020

     Better than most thought.  President Trump touts America’s rosy economic outlook in a new tweet Friday night. “As many of you know, our country is coming back very, very strong economically,” he says in a recorded statement. “The jobs numbers from two weeks ago were record setting — record setting increase. We’ve never had anything like it. Record from day one. Nobody’s ever beaten it.” Trump appeared to be referencing US Department of Labor stats showing a gradual improvement in the worst employment crisis since the Great Depression.

   Trump credits what he describes as a “very, very strong” the economic recovery to the “tremendous base” he’d created before nationwide coronavirus lockdowns. “When we had to close it up to save millions of lives, we were able to open it, and now we’re doing well,’ he said. “So I just want to thank everybody. It’s been an interesting period of time, it’s been terrible so many lives have been lost. We’ll never forget those incredible people. But they will not have died in vain. “Our country will go on, and we’re gonna be stronger than ever before.”

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