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Robert Namer
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May 26, 2020

     There is no bias - China caused the pandemic - period.  A Chinese-American advocacy group says that having city Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza oversee instruction to fight bias against Asians “is like having the KKK run training on anti-black bigotry.” The Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater New York issued the statement ripping the “race-trafficker-in-chief’’ after the Department of Education told The Post on Saturday that Carranza now wants his controversial training programs — which seek to end anti-Latino and anti-black- bias — to also fight bigotry targeting Asians.

     “Unbelievably, the man who commits explicit anti-Asian bigotry just added anti-Asian bigotry to his implicit-bias training for Department of Education staff,’’ the group charged.  “This is, after all, the man who smears Asians [by claiming] they think they ‘own’ admissions to Specialized High Schools, while he pursues policies that seek to exclude large swathes of Asians from these schools,’’ according to the statement. A rep from the DOE called the remarks “toxic rhetoric” that just creates division..

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