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March 22, 2020

     Pitiful results for such a massive expense - good, he is not president.  All those television ads, staffers and consultants sure added up for Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign – to the tune of nearly $1 billion.  Bloomberg pumped a staggering $936,225,041.67 of personal money into his losing presidential campaign through February, according to a financial report submitted to the Federal Election Commission Friday, with half the money spent in the final month before Super Tuesday.

     The billionaire former New York mayor's campaign already emerged as the most expensive self-funded presidential run in U.S. history when records this month showed he spent $558 million just on television advertising. Michael Bloomberg's campaign was the most expensive self-funded campaign in history.  In its latest disclosure, the Bloomberg campaign reported spending $467 million in February alone. The bulk of the money, according to the report, was used on TV commercials and digital ads as well as payments to pollsters, consultants and staff that numbered 2,400 across 43 states. 

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