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Robert Namer
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February 22, 2020
     AOC is a figment of her own imagination.  Even Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who endorsed Bernie Sanders in October, “admitted on Wednesday that the Bernie Bros have become a ‘real problem’ for Sanders’ campaign,” reports the Washington Examiner’s Kaylee McGhee. AOC has a point in distancing Sanders from “the toxic environment his online army has created,” blaming it on “today’s Internet culture,”since “the internet uniquely allows anonymous trolls to swarm individuals and get away with it.” But Sanders should denounce their “vicious” behavior “more forcefully, as Ocasio-Cortez eventually acknowledged.” After all, their hostility “toward any person who disagrees, no matter how civilly, distracts from Sanders’ core message and isolates on-the-fence voters.” And their harassment of “many of Nevada’s union workers” after the state’s “largest union came out against Bernie Sanders and his unworkable Medicare for All proposal” could “very well” hurt his standing in the state.
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