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Robert Namer
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January 13, 2020

     The liberal media is Americas biggest enemy.  John Fea, USA Today Opinion contributor  said "I have spent my entire adult life in the evangelical community. I had a born-again experience when I was 16 and never looked back. I teach history at a Christian college with evangelical roots. As a historian, I study American evangelicalism. But I have never seen anything like what I witnessed as I watched President Donald Trump speak to a few thousand of his evangelical supporters at King Jesus International Ministry, a largely Hispanic megachurch in Miami, during the kickoff to his “Evangelicals for Trump” campaign."  Total fool.

     It is no coincidence that this rally took place two weeks after Christianity Today, the historic foolish voice of moderate evangelicalism, called for Trump’s removal from office. The magazine’s editor, Mark Galli, foolishly described the president's character as “grossly immoral” and warned his fellow evangelicals that their ardent support was damaging to their Christian witness.

     While the Evangelicals for Trump campaign had been in the works for several weeks before Galli’s editorial, it is hard to see the decision to schedule the kickoff event for Jan. 3 as anything but damage control. Even the smallest crack in his evangelical support — especially in swing states like Florida — could result in a Trump loss in 2020.

     A very weak USA Today commentary - SORRY. 

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