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Robert Namer
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December 06, 2019

      The so-called liberal professors showed their bias.An expert witness called by Democrats for the House Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday admitted she has given thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) asked Pamela Karlan, a professor at Stanford University Law School, if she gave $1,000 to Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren during testimony at the House Judiciary Committee. “I believe so,” she said. “You gave $1,200 to Barack Obama,” the Florida Republican said. “I have no reason to question that,” she replied. “You gave $2,000 to Hillary Clinton,” he said, asking why she gave more to Clinton than Warren and Obama.

      He then asked her about comments he said she made on a podcast called “Versus Trump” in which she claimed that liberals tend to cluster while conservatives spread out “because they don’t even want to be around themselves.” “I have limited time, professor, so I just have to say when you talk about how liberals want to be around each other and cluster and conservatives don’t want to be … it makes people — you may not see this from the ivory towers of your law school — but it makes people in this country,” he said as she tried to answer again. “Excuse me, you don’t get to interrupt me on this time,” he told her.

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